Orangewood Dress Code

Orangewood prides itself on the appearance of the facility as well as the students and staff.  We feel that appropriate dress and good grooming habits contribute to the overall climate of the institution. The following dress requirements reflect our belief that a school is a place for teaching and learning.

We have a standardized dress code featuring classic styles of pants, shirts and skirts that are available in a wide range of colors.  Standardized dress is NOT a uniform where every student is dressed in identical outfits.

The Basics of Standardized Dress Code

 General Expectation: All students must wear a collared shirt everyday unless wearing a one piece dress.


  • A collared shirt worn tucked in at the waist
  • All shirts—modest fit and tucked in!
  • No –t-shirts (except on designated t-shirt days)

Bottoms—All bottoms must be worn with a collared shirt.

  • Pants or skirts that fit modestly and worn at the waist
  • Pants—modest fit at waist
  • Jeans—classic or relaxed fit, traditional
  • Shorts or skorts—KNEE LENGTH ONLY
  • Capris—modest fit
  • Skirts—modest fit and KNEE LENGTH ONLY and no slits above the knee
  • Dresses—modest fit and KNEE LENGTH ONLY
  • Shorts, pants, or leggings MUST BE WORN under skirts or dresses
  • Leggings may only be worn under KNEE LENGTH dresses or skirts


  • Belts MUST be worn with all pants that have belt loops 


  • Tennis shoes will be worn at all times

Cold Weather

  • Jackets or sweaters are encouraged during cold weather.  Hoods are not to be worn inside school rooms. 


  • Earrings should be studs or hoops no larger than 1/2 inch diameter– No dangle earrings (safety)
  • Bracelets—no more than two bracelets (including silly bands) per arm.

 NOT Permitted:

  • T-shirts or sports jerseys (except on designated days), baggy or wide legged pants, tight pants, ripped or torn clothing, tight shirts, short shirts, pajamas, hats, inappropriate jewelry, spaghetti strap shirts or dresses.