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Here is a month by month printable calendar for the Orangewood Community
Want to know more about school expectations and what we offer?
What to wear to school (English)
Days we dress to show our spirit
Vestuario Estandar para list Estudiantes de Orangewood
Do you need to get to work earlier or work late? We have a before and after school program for your child. Use this form to sign up.
The School District shares the same menu. Use the link to access the Elementary menu for the month.
Apply for Lunch Pay Assistance
You may now pay for your child's lunch online. You will need to enroll on the site and have your child's school eight-digit ID number and a credit or debit card.
Access to attendance and grades
Online access to Accelerated Reading, Math and Teacher Booklists. Student username and password are the same as at school. Don't forget to sign up for emails that show your child's quiz or test results!
School bus routing schedule. You will need your home address and school assignment information.
We would love to have you come and help in our community.
FCAT practice is offered online compliments of the state. A username and password may be obtained from the teacher.
All of our instructional staff are certified by the Florida Department of Education. By using the state certification listing, you can find the areas of each educator's certification areas. In addition, some of our teachers are Nationally Certified.
Local area roads that lead to our school.
This is a district offered newsletter on ideas for becoming more invloved with schools and students!
Cafeteria Inspection
Link to Current and Historical SIP Goals
How does school choice work?