Discipline Policy

Every person at Orangewood is expected to treat every other person with dignity and respect.  Staff and students will all work together to help every person in the school reach their fullest potential.  Any behavior or action which interferes with another person’s growth or the student’s own growth will not be tolerated.  Should problems occur, the students will be asked to look at his/her own behavior and find acceptable solutions for the problem.

Everyone at Orangewood is encouraged to actively work on the following goals:


1.  I will respect the rights, feelings and properties of others.

2.  I will be responsible for all I say and do.

3.  I will follow rules and directions to be safe.

4.  I will do my share to make my classroom, school, and community a place where we are ready      to learn.


1.  I will follow the rules in all areas of the school.

2.  I will follow the directions given by all staff members.

3.  I will be respectful at all times.

4.  I will arrive at school ready to learn,

The classroom teacher is the center of an effective school discipline policy.  He or she will continually emphasize to students and parents the importance for the students to follow the rules.


The role of the principal and assistant principal is to help monitor and update the discipline policies and procedures, help staff implement classroom and school management techniques, and assist staff with the handling of severe misbehavior or chronic recurring problems by implementing consequences.


Parents are an integral part of the Education Tripod that consists of student, teacher and parent. All three legs must be actively involved for the education process to be successful!