Name Title Email
Jami Browder Principal Email
Marilyn Crews Assistant Principal Email


Name Title Email
Elen Farneubun-Parroco PreK VE Email
Emily Goldberg PreK VE Email


Name Email
Georgian Nesfield Email
Nicole Cardinale Email
Amanda Harvel Email
Diana Kassly Email
Laura Trenholm Email

1st Grade

Name Email
Katherine Thaggard Email
Juliana Glenn Email
Katie Lewis Email
Remey Kaufmann Email
Michelle Rutan  Email

2nd Grade

Name Email
Gretchen Santilli Email
Robin Neltnor Email
Paula Lazzaro Email
Amber Streath Email


3rd Grade

Name Email
Caitlyn McGillivray Email
Alicen Allen Email
Stephanie Bucci Email

Lisa Haines Email
Skylar LeMaster Email
Jeffrey Ahrens Email

4th Grade

Name Email
Stephanie Lysiak Email
Tina Southworth Email
Allison Witherspoon Email
Kimberlee Payne Email
Amy Warren Email

5th Grade

Name Email
Alyssa Atkins Email
Andrew Wheeler Email
Tony Lendino Email
Jeanene Dennard Email
Brenda Horner Email

Special Area and Resource Teachers

Name Title Email
Susanna Wingenroth Art Email
Jill Neron Music Email
Deborah Dustin PE Teacher  Email
Kori Oatley Curriculum Specialist Email
Rebecca Datus Social Worker Email
Catherine Cronin Intervention Specialist Email
Karen Deaver Guidance Counselor Email
Jayme Kaplan Speech Pathologist Email
Nancy Petrullo  Speech Pathologist  Email
AnnMarie Logullo Resource Teacher  Email
Karen J. Gonzalez Technical Support Specialist Email

Office Staff

Name Title Email
Jeannette Santiago Secretary to Principal Email
Melanie Guerrero FM Police Officer (SRO) Email
Carrie Kiser Bookkeeper Email
Diane Page Information Specialist Email
Keyshlamar Toledo Clerk Typist Email

Parent Involvement Specialist Email
 Linda Niedrach Clinic Assistant  Email
Denise Weisburgh PTA President Email


Name Title Email
Sharmini Waas Media Specialist Email
Altchence Alteme ESOL Paraprofessional Email
Mercedes Orama-Perez ESOL Paraprofessional Email
Robin McGuire Nurse Email
Jodie Shaffer Paraprofessional Email
Teresa Jansen Helping Teacher Email
Deborah Langer Paraprofessional Email
Patrizia Long Paraprofessional Email
Jennifer Harrigan Paraprofessional Email
Eric Rivera  PE Paraprofessional Email
Shantae Owens Paraprofessional Email
Kaley Sarver Paraprofessional Email
Lisette Morales Paraprofessional Email

Paraprofessional Email


Name Title Email
Michael Smith Head Custodian Email
Hernan Santiago Building Supervisor Email
Margot Aguilar Perez Custodian Email
Petronila Ramirez Custodian Email
Jose Villa Custodian Email


Name Title Email
Barbara Adams Cafeteria Manager Email
Vickie Bowman Cafeteria Email
Brenda Byer Cafeteria Email
Mary McGill Cafeteria Email
Viola Allen Cafeteria Email
Mary Ann Ginter Cafeteria Email
 George Gintner Cafeteria  Email