Student Supply List 2023-2024


All students will need a bookbag (no wheels) and reusable water bottle. Please label both with your child’s name.

Students will receive a pair of headphones (to eliminate sharing) – THANK YOU to our Community Partners for helping with this cost!  If you would like to provide a pair for your child, that is great, they will have a place to store them at school.

Note: Although the school provides the materials and supplies for basic instructional activities, the supply items on this list will allow your child to have an enhanced educational program. We appreciate your commitment to the education of your child and, with your donation; we can provide a great program for the students here at Orangewood Elementary School.
• Nòt: Byen ke lekòl la bay materyèl ak bagay yo bezwen pou aktivity enstriksyon de baz, lòt materyèl ke yo mande nan lis sa-a va pèmèt pitit ou amelyore pwogram edikasyonèl li. Nou apresye devouman ke ou mete nan edikasyon pitit ou e, ak lajan ke ou bay, nou ka ofri yon bèl pwogram pou elèv icit la nan lekòl Orangewood Elementary.
• NOTA: Aunque la escuela provee los materiales y equipo necesario para las actividades instruccionales básicas, los materiales en esta lista permitirá que su niño(a) tenga un major programa educativo. Le agradecemos su compromiso a la educación de su niño(a) y, con su donativo, podemos proveer un excelente programa para los estudiantes aquí en la Escuela Orangewood Elementary.